Sometimes you come to these fitting days with a specific problem in mind. Sometimes it's just to see what the latest equipment is like in your hands. But every time, you will leave the fitting days ... See more
We want you to join us ~ start to add these dates to your calendars

Labor Day Golf Tournament
September 7, 2020

Men’s Fall Member-Guest
October 15-18, ...
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"You don't have to be great to have fun... If you are looking for a way to socialize, exercise and network while also having a superior physical and mental challenge, nothing beats golf." ~ Suzy ... See more
Today you're gonna hit the sweet spot!

Sequels usually let you down. This one won’t. And that’s because it pretty much guarantees you’ll hit the sweet spot.

That means straighter ...
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If you know someone who’s inexperienced or just starting the game, they’ll often feel compelled to pick up before they finish the hole. Why deny them the fun of holing out for a score? Why not change ... See more
We wanted to know how you viewed your position on a simple continuum. Where do you see yourself on your golfing journey?
At one end there’s space for the person who sees golf totally as a ...
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If investing some time to find your perfect launch DNA and then spending a little more time to set up your equipment to deliver that launch and add 25 yards to every tee shot, would you invest that ... See more
Don't miss the following opportunities for improving your potential:
Make sure you don't miss the following opportunities for improving your potential:
New drivers. New wedges. New putters.
What will help me?

There's always something new on the market from the different makers of golf equipment.
How do you figure out what is right ...
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Join up to have some fun with friends
In our 2019/2020 Events:
Here we are. Prepare to be inspired by the Masters. Enjoy the entertainment. Gorge on golf. But then, next week get out there. Bring that inspiration to your golf game. Whether it's learning, ... See more
Week after week we watch the best Professionals hit amazing tee shots, approaches, and hole-outs. How do they even practice for them?

They can't! But they can certainly be well-prepared. You ...
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On approach shots, take one club more than you think you need, make a good shoulder turn but concentrate on tempo rather than power. Let us know how it goes: See more
Most of you know that your position at address isn’t the same as your position at impact. But not so many amateur golfers can show us the correct impact position.
We can help: See more
The young guns are all over the major golf tours now. They’re lithe, strong, and can hit the golf ball a long, long way. But in recent weeks two of the older members of the PGA Tour have reminded us ... See more
Why do you want to play better golf?
If you speak to fitness trainers many will tell you that a customer who says “I want to lose weight” is already a lost cause. It is insufficient motivation to ...
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It is often said that the quickest way to lower your handicap or improve your scorecard is to improve your putting and then your short game. But I wonder if lowering your handicap is the biggest ... See more
Congratulations to the team of Joe Bullara, JT Hauk and Lee Wall for winning the Three Stooges Competition event last weekend. In the Three Stooges, one player plays from the green, one white and the ... See more
Think about how you can use golf to strengthen relationships and friendships. How it can add joy to your life.
Plan to schedule a regular social game with friends. Get a group of friends together ...
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I hope you are off to a great 2019 and wanted to provide a brief update on the month’s golf activities.
Nine & Dine Golf
On the last Friday of each month – 2:30 pm. Couples or Singles ...
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Wherever you are, and whoever you’re with, we would like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving:
Tomorrow from 4 - 7 pm.
Join us for a fun event!:
To our Member-Member Champions, Keith Hensel and Vince DeFazio.
Congrats also go to our Net Champions, Brien Spann and Matt Wade!
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The Hole-in-One Club is for anyone 21 and older and who is a Grasslands Golf Member. Come on and join the fun!

If you would like to join the Hole-in-One Club click here for the entry form. ...
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Congratulations to Tony Maiolo and Guest Fred Fisher for capturing the Men’s Fall Member-Guest Championship this past week! They withstood Rick DeVane and his guest Anthony Koscielecki on the final ... See more
The ball flight of the Professionals on mid and longer wedge shots is almost always significantly lower than those we see amateurs playing. But these lower flighted shots land, hop and stop quickly. ... See more
This is the last weekend...
The 2018 Blowout Fall Sale includes 30% off all clothing in the shop and 10% off clubs, balls, shoes, and gloves: See more
Closet Clean Out starts this weekend!

Event Dates: Saturday, October 6th - Sunday, October 14th

Bring all your old clothes to the Golf Shop to be donated to the Salvation Army of ...
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Sunday, Sept. 30 – Tour Practice Rounds Begin at 12:00 noon. Course and practice facilities: The last member tee time will be 10:15 for 18-holes and 11:45 for 9-holes. Course and practice areas ... See more
Let’s hope this isn’t foreshadowing for the real thing (Yes, I was the USA Captain and yes, I’m a sore loser!). The scoring was 1 point each hole for a win, 0 for a tie and minus 1 point for loss of ... See more
We have a weekend with two great events. The Men's Ryder Cup and College Game Day. Come join in the fun:
Congratulations to Jonathan Giammatteo for winning the Junior Club Championship.
Our August Family Mixer is taking place tomorrow and we have something lined up for everyone!

Bring your family and friends and join us between 4 PM and 8 PM for some fun.
Click here for ...
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Brooks Koepka bags his third Major in 14 months and becomes only the 5th person to win the US Open and PGA Championship in the same year.
To see how we can help you enjoy your golf more click ...
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Women have been a significant part of the growth in golf over the last decade. Therefore, it’s pleasing to see another new youngster at the top of the leaderboard. Congratulations to Georgia ... See more
Sunday is the last chance to get Anthony's awesome Golf Instructional Packages at the discounted prices.
Catch it all here: See more
Congratulations to Francesco Molinari, the “Champion Golfer of the Year”. While there is much to say about how some fell away; how Tiger threatened; and how Justin Rose wasn’t even...

How much performance can we unlock?

The Rogue Irons from Callaway are actually the evolution of technology that has been committed to making good, consistent, ball striking easier to achieve.
We’re excited.
You will be ...
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Men's Club Championship Results

Congratulations to Rich Pepin for capturing the Men's Club Championship today with a score of 144 and to Jay Reardon for winning the Net Club Championship with a score of 129! There was some great ... See more

Ladies Member-Guest Results

Congratulations to the overall Member-Guest Champions Linda Bosko and guest Rachel Bosko and to the overall Net Champions Danette Hensel and guest Susan Urillo. A huge thanks to Janice Nelson who ... See more

Member-Guest Results!

Sam Houghton & Pete Maris
Congratulations to Sam Houghton and guest Pete Maris for winning the 2017 Spring Member-Guest over the runner-up team of Jeff Sobecki and Jim Badovinac. Thank you to all the participants, the staff ... See more

Three Stooges (G,W,B) Results

Congratulations to the Champions of the Green, White, Blue Tee Event (a.k.a. "Three Stooges") Cliff Otto, Paul Noris and Bob Behr with a winning score of 227. The First Flight champions were Doug ... See more

Golf Course Update

Thank you everyone for the nice comments on the condition of the golf course. Adam and his crew work very hard and appreciate your recognition.

Having just rode the course after a busy ...
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A Message from The Staff

Happy New Year !

We resolve to make 2017 the Best Year Ever for our Members and extend our gratitude for your support. We sincerely hope you continue to enjoy Grasslands. If we can do ...
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